Drivers License Suspension

Drivers License Suspension A Good DWI Lawyer Knows What to..

Drivers License Suspension

A Good DWI Lawyer Knows What to Do About your License

When you were arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, your driver’s CARD was probably taken. Your actual LICENSE was not taken at that time.

What’s the difference? Your license is permission to operate a motor vehicle on public streets. My law license is permission to practice law in Texas courts. Your card is the representation of that permission, or license.

If you do not appeal the drivers license suspension within 15 days of your arrest, your license will be suspended in Austin at the expiration of 40 days.

So, here’s the skeleton of the license process:

1. Arrest and seizure of card.

2. Formal request of appeal to Austin within 15 days. (There is a required way to do this!)

3. File for discovery of officer’s reports to Austin.

4. Subpoena the officer to the hearing, which will be scheduled by Austin.

5. Attend the hearing in person, not by telephone.

6. Proper facts and proper preparation should result in saving your license from suspension.


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